Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm blushing, and my ears are burning

Two nice and surprising nods from some great BlogHers in the last couple of days. So excuse me while I toot my own horn, and then try to point out something else valuable in their posts, so you don't think I'm sending you off merely to read more about me. (But enough about me, what do you think about me?)

First up: Susan Mernit with a look back at 2005. Rather than make predictions for 2006 Susan is reviewing the things that rocked her world during 2005. Susan is never afraid to call it like she sees it, particularly about gender diversity. It's gratifying to see in her comments that a guy actually gets what the big deal is. He give a brief but boffo bottom line explanation of why y'all should care about diverse perspectives being represented in the tech community. Right on Randy, and keep on singing it Sister Susan.

Next up: Another Slammin' Susan, Susan Getgood, provides a year-end grab bag of posts for her readers. Sounds like Susan is with me on my recent calls for people to simply not give their hard-earned dollars to conferences that don't meet their expectations...whether because of homogenous speaker slates or over-commercialized sponsor participation. Right on!

Thanks, Susans, for the kind words...damn nice way to end the year.

My pleasure. I love your blog because I find I can skip a lot of fairly pretentious blogs (I shall name no names) and still keep up with most of the web tech issues! Happy New Year.
That may be one of the best compliments ever! "Eschew the pretentious" new tag line!!!
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