Monday, December 26, 2005

Cross Post from Browster: Web 2.0 Developers-I am the dork among geeks!

I wrote a post over on the Browster Blog that I thought Worker Bees readers might also appreciate:

Listen Up Web 2.0 developers: I am the dork among geeks

Basic point: the echo chamber in the blogosphere and in the Silicon Valley tech world is not liberal or conservative, it's The Tech-savvy Echo Chamber. Much as I'm a geek girl wanna-be, I'm really just a bridge type of gal...bridging the gap between geeks and non-geeks.

So, to quote the post: "If you want to deliver an Internet application for mass adoption...I am your canary in the adoption coal mine."

There's much much more (yeah, it's one of those long, rambly posts I sometimes write when I'm in a pseudo-philosophical mood...or when I'm cranky.)

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