Sunday, November 27, 2005

We won't say "I told you so."

Ded Space has a post about a recent Fortune article that uncovers the plight of American men and their 80 hour work weeks.

She points out, and frankly I must agree, that this is the same plight that American women have been pointing out for order to succeed one must a) have a wife [of either gender, mind you] to take care of the household and b) sacrifice being a full participant in one's household.

And let's not forget that an 80-hour work week in the office does not imply that those are all the hours one works. Today's "always on" culture guarantees that we are taking calls and checking emails in our hours away from the office too. And that too is necessary to guarantee that one is perceived to be a team player and real animal.

Yet, we seem to be losing our dominance in many areas of industry. How can that be? Perhaps more hours doesn't equal productive hours. Ya think? There are few people who can be as sharp and as brilliant and as creative in the last 3 hours of a 12-14 hours day as they can in the earlier hours. Don't you sometimes wonder if all the cockamamie corporate ideas you run across came up at the end of an all-day offsite meeting where execs and managers were desperate to get out of there with some "actionable goals" and "deliverables"?

I've been in some of those meetings!

PS-this is my first test post using the Flock blogging tool. I'll be curious to see how it looks in the blog. I can't tell if the paragraph breaks are going to look how I want. I can't tell where they place the link to the post that motivated me to click on the "blog this" link. And I'm curious to see what they do with the tags I put in the Tag box. (Some of you may know I'm one of those anti-tag people who can never make myself do it. The interface here in Flock certainly makes it easy. I'm just looking forward to seeing the code it generates. And no, I don't feel like reading the Help information. I'm just going to hit 'Publish' and see what I get.

UPDATE: OK, I think it's a silly thing that Flock lets you create a blg post directly from a URL, but then doesn't include that URL anywhere in the post autmoatically. Also, I am a little disappointed Flock just uses Technorati tags. It's not tagging I object to, it's having a little ad for Technorati in every post you write.

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Well I don't know ANYONE who works more than 40 hours a week-- and in Asheville NC it must run about 10 or 12 hours a week max with must of the filthy hippies getting free food and doing a 0 each week!
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