Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Does Autumn make you dream?

I recently wrote a post imagining a new way to use blogs...as a tool for competitors to band together. What if, I asked.

Over at Crossroads Dispatches BlogBuddy Evelyn Rodriguez is dreaming up new ways to use blogs too. Or I should really say dreaming up new reasons for companies to consider sponsoring bloggers.

I think her vision can and even should happen.

Now Evelyn is a little more prone to such ideating than I...in the RFK model, I'm more prone to blog about what is and blog about why, while Evelyn blogs about what never was and asks why not. So, what inspires us both to think big and think outside the box this week? Could it be the advent of Fall. To start working while it's still dark and to not push back your chair from the desk until after dark...doesn't that turn your entire work day into a kind of dream state? Does the shortening of days bring a sense of urgency to our lives...days growing shorter, time running out. I don't know. Are we both watching all the Web 2.0 hype and wondering what the fuss is about? What good is Web 2.0 if it only enables people to do the same old things? What if it, instead, prompted new kind of business models altogether...and new kinds of community?

People sometimes call me pragmatic. What did Jory call me? The most "to-the-point" among she, Lisa and me. But I think pretty big behind all that pragmatism. I really do think if people like Evelyn keep pushing for a different kind of business model that they will make it happen...and change the world. I really do think that if we do it right, BlogHer could help a lot of women achieve a lot of things they want to achieve. And help them learn how to get the credit they deserve for it.

I think Autumn is the perfect time to thing big and take actions to make things happen. Summer seems so not serious. The holidays are so distracting. And spring seems like the time to get physical. No, Autumn is the time.

What big idea are you percolating?

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