Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Clients we love...

Was talking on the phone last night with one of my clients, Karen Clothier, the proprietor of hip & We were talking about a variety of things, and had gotten off the basic topics of business. But somewhere in there Karen proved she "gets it."

Basically she said: we can't be afraid to state an opinion on ou hip & zen blog for fear of scaring away a customer or two. If we tried to please everybody it would just be bland and boring. What would be the point?

So true, Karen, so true.

The again I've been lucky. Emily from is perfectly fine with me railing against right-wingers who would block the cervical cancer vaccine on and Scott Milener doesn't mind when I tweak Google or Microsoft on The Browster Blog.

People ask how I can write 9 blogs, and how I can write so many for all these other companies. Well I can do it because I find the subject matter interesting and because I'm writing for people who appreciate and in fact encourage me, as the blogger, to write with my own voice...even if it's not always perfectly safe.

I'm a lucky gal.

As a small business owner i have recently been floored with the constant increases in small business health insurance costs. I spend a fair amount of time lately looking at health insurance quotes and trying to educate myself on the issue of affordable health insurance, hoping that I will become educated enough to make good decisions as I look for group health insurance for my employees.

I found this article recently that discussed the reasons why healthcare costs are rising. I really keyed in on the mentions of "poor personal choices" and "people using more prescription drugs." As Americans trend more towards overweight they go to the doctor more for conditions brought on by their excessive weight, causing insurers to write to people like me, reporting that: "We have seen a large increase in service requests, therefore we will have to adjust your premium schedule."

TV commercials constantly hawk prescription drugs which causes people to think that they need these drugs, when maybe they aren't really necessary. Ultimately a lot of the reasons why healthcare costs are going up are preventable. Eating less and exercising more can make a world of difference for our health. If we educate ourselves and make the right lifestyle choices we can be healthier, and lessen the strain on the healthcare system.
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