Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blog posts vs. feed? No contest!

I can't even imagine doing what Jason Calacanis suggests and subscribing to someone's feed rather than their actual blog. (In addition to, maybe.)

Perhaps it's because I know my own del. habits are random enough that I'd hate for someone to use that to "understand" my perspective. I tag tons of things. I tag posts where I've commented. I tag posts I think might be useful later...either personally or business-wise. I tag things relevant to clients, to friends, to a lot of things. If you think (as Jason seems to) that my del. feed will give you insight into what I'm considering potentially blog-worthy, you're thinking wrong in my case. The fact is I tag something in del. as a memory replacement and archive.

If I'm thinking about blogging something it's either in an open tab or saved to my desktop until I decide what to do with it.

Lastly, I've mentioned this before: I understand why people like to read live-blog posts from events, for example, to get a sense of immediacy and literalness. But for me? I'd rather let someone go over their notes and distill their most pertinent and pithy thoughts about what they have seen and heard. I'd rather read the marinated results, not the raw meat.

And that's what I'd like people to read of mine too.

Hat tip: Scoble

Jason is a nut. Blogs are so much bigger than feeds. Thanks for reminding about Jason. I already have enough of my own beefs with him.
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