Friday, October 14, 2005

This Week's Site of the Week: The Covers Project

I'm a bit of a music fanatic. It's the one and only thing I collect. I'm the type of person who will keep buying an artist's albums even if I haven't like the last couple of ones they released. I refuse to believe they won't recapture the magic that made me buy their albums before!

I am also the type of person who will buy and album when I find a single song I like. Even the availability of single song downloads on iTunes hasn't really changed that.

I am also the type of person who can't bear to get rid of CDs...even ones I don't like. I believe I've probably gotten rid of less than a dozen in my life. Which may be why I have about 1200-1400, incuding those I've downloaded.

And I do enjoy a good cover song. Coverville, for example, is the one podcast I listen to regularly. And if someone does a cover album, I'm prone to buying it.

So you can imagine my delight at finding the site They aim to compile a list of every cover song ever recorded. And they enjoy creating cover song chains...sort of like playing six degrees of separation but with cover songs.

And you can look up an artist and see both who they have covered, and who has covered them. It's cool.

And as I'm wrapping up this post, Frente's cover of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle is playing...appropriate.

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