Thursday, October 20, 2005

Guest Blogging at KRON's The Bay Area Is Talking blog tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be filling in for KRON's blogger extraordinaire Brian Shields over at The Bay Area is Talking.

Brian has an aggregator full of local bloggers and he spends all day giving the link love to what those bloggers are talking about.

I'm trying to decide whether to spread my posts throughout the day, or just devote a couple of hours in the morning to doing it. KRON doesn't care what time of day or night I post, as long as I post 6-10 times.

Perhaps I'll post at 12:01AM just to kick of the day :)

Nah. I probably won't be up.

So come visit me tomorrow at The Bay Area is Talking.

Hello Brian:

I became interested in KRON's keeping track of bloggers, so I'm inviting you to my blog at I possess a MA in Clinical Psychology and a BA in Psy. Of Minority Economic Development.

I hope you check in and find it up to snuff.

Jabrim Raven Allen
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