Sunday, October 02, 2005

Feature request

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So after receiving about 400 comment spam emails in the last 24 hours I got up this morning, went down to the hotel business center and paid an exorbitant sum to go turn off comments.

Only you can't, as far as I can tell, turn off comments in general on either Blogger or MT, you can only turn them off on *new* comments, not old.

Comment spambots seem to foucs on old comments, so my feature request would be to have a setting that lets you automatically allow comments until a post is 30 days old. Or that would let you go turn off comments on posts over 30 days old.

Am I missing something that already exists?

Since the options didn't really help me instead I just turned on the word verification spam prevention feature. Hopefully that will stem this flood. Doesn't help me delete the 400 spam commentds already sitting there...I wonder if there's a way to do that en masse like on MT?

Can't wait to get home and work on that...not!


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I believe there are some plugins for MT that allow you to close comments after a certain period of time. I know Wordpress has this ability, though I think that might be a plugin as well. Have you upgraded to the new MT 3.2? 3.2 makes it a lot easier to identify and kill comment spam scum.
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