Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Accidental Verbosity

It's the 2nd week of a 2-week celebration of the 2-year anniversary of the Carnival of the Capitalists.

Actaully they included my post about how we populated a BlogHer panel, even though they weren't sure if it was on-topic or not.

Given that conferences are marketing efforts and expenses, and given that diversity programs are common initiatives for many medium to large companies I think it's definitely a post that's germane to business. But then, obviously I think so, since I submitted it.

There are tons of posts, so take your time and peruse the best of the week's business blogging.

Good Luck on your guest blogging!!

I like reading your stories on your blog.

Thank you.
Yeah, after reflecting on it, I decided yours and the other one on a conference were the two I'd keep out of the ones I put in that section, if I were to make the hard decision to keep or not. I thought I'd get more feedback! I was trying to make a point about hosts who include anything, entrants who consistently enter anything, and at the same time how hard it can be to decide, in some cases.

I certainly enjoyed reading it. How often would anyone give a thought to how tough that organizational task can be?
Thanks Jay. Before I did BlogHer I had NO idea what was involved. I have new respect for peple who organize and put on events.

I haven't hosted Carnival of the Capitalists (yet) but I have hosted Grand Rounds. I did find that in a couple of cases people submitted posts that gave me pause. Mostly not because they were off topic, but because they were only pointing to someone else's posts without commentary. In one case I went to the submitter's blog and picked a different post that had more of their writing.(Which is totally acceptable according to the host guidelines.)

And that blogger posted a comment criticizing me for it. I could have just left them out altogether!

So, I know what you're saying.
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