Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists

Is being hosted over at rethink(ip).

Now COTC, as it is called by those in the know...or those who can acronymize anyway, is a bit bigger than the Grand Rounds I hosted last week at Healthy Concerns. I know the work that goes into these things, and the COTC is massive, so kudos to Douglas, the proprietor of rethink(ip).

Lots of good writing out there. And given the impact that Hurricane Katrina (and its aftermath) has had on us all, the Carnival of the Capitalists is sounding surprisingly altruistic this week.

Check it out and enjoy.

(And yes, I think I made up the word "acronymize", but I like it, don't you?)

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that this week's COTC links to my post about FooCamp and BarCamp and the Myth of Objectivity.

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