Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Speaking Engagement: Vlogging and Blogging and Podcasts, Oh My!

Although I started Worker Bees with a handful of theatre clients, I've never actually spoken to a crowd of arts organizations on the topic. The theatres I work with are pretty bleeding edge for their segment. They were all either approached individually by me directly because of my personal relationships, or referred to me by one of my partners, Carla Befera who does PR for many theatres in the area.

Another PR agency who focuses on the arts and non-profit world is finally hosting and event for local groups to learn more about this channel for getting their message out. Actually they started out just inviting me per a request from one of their clients, but I mentioned to the moderator that he might want to have someone who actually is blogging for theatres talk about it, so open-minded fellow that he is, he invited me.

Should be fun!

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