Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A new milestone: interviewed in Greenhouse Grower Magazine!

A couple of months ago I gave a virtual seminar for the Stanford Publishing Courses about blogging in the publishing world. It was interesting because the audience were all savvy publishing folks with high interest in and awareness of blogging, but the various publications for which they were responsible ran the gamut. One such publication was Greenhouse Grower, a magazine targeted toward, well, you know.

One of their writers interviewed me and this month published her resulting article Blogging to Grow.

Unfortunately their magazine is not fully online, so I can't post a link, but here were some of my key quotes:

"It takes a strong personality to decide to be an entrepreneur. They should feature themselves and use their voices"

"Companies are afraid of blogging because they think they'll lose control, but they already don't have control. Even a complaint is useful to a company. It's certainly more useful to hear the complaint directly than to have a bunch of people complaining elsewhere about you online, which has a impact that you aren't even aware of."

Staff writer Sara Tambascio does a nice job with the article. My one quibble is that while she printed the URLs of all the various small business blogs she pointed to as examples she never put my URL anywhere in the article! I am quoted and referenced throughout, but people will still have to Google me or Worker Bees to find my site or blog :(

Ah well, I still think it's pretty cool to be in Greenhouse Grower Magazine! Now that's really spreading the message beyond the usual tech/marketing confines!

Very cool. Congrats!

How about turning the article into a PDF format? Will Blogger allow you to link to it then?
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