Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy to take the blame

I mentioned I sat on a panel last week, "Vlogging and Blogging and Podcasts, Oh My!." [Here's my recap.] One of my co-panelists was Betty Sullivan, she of the renowned Betty's List.

Well, Betty has started Betty's Blog, and she's blaming it on me :) I am happy to take the blame. As I told Betty, I think she has her own distinct voice that you can hear coming through the screen (helps to know she has a Southern accent.) And she clearly has a following. She started the blog a few days ago, and I can see the hits coming over to me from there already.

Why would Betty be inspired to start a blog? After all, her list is already pretty damn popular...having grown literally from an email list to the site it is today. Well, her site; her mission is about her community. What are blogs good for? Say it with me: connection, conversation and community. Perfect fit IMHO.

Welcome to blogging , Betty. Hope you like it...since I'm to blame and all.

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