Monday, September 26, 2005

Another Worker Bees blog is born: the hip & zen pen

Today I am pleased to send out a birth announcement for the latest Worker Bees blog: the hip & zen pen found at

The blog is an offshoot from the ecommerce site,, a store that specializes in products that satisfy a modern aesthetic and a progressive ethos. Products like recycled purses and cashmere sweaters, organic cotton yoga wear, vegan handbags and more.

Former software entrepreneur Karen Clothier left the tech life not certain what she was heading towards. But once she dreamed up the kind of store she'd like to see it took her only 90 days to go from idea to launch. I knew we were on the same wavelength within minutes of our first sit-down. She may be more into yoga and life balance; I may be more into vegetarianism and political activism, btu we both firmly believe you can do business and do good.

Karen wanted to find new ways to reach out to the people who would enjoy the products in her online store, and she wanted to share the kind of information she picks up every day while investigating the latest trends for hip & zen.

So is born the blog. Please visit us there, and don't go too crazy with it, but blog readers get an extra 5% off their entire purchase! The promotion code is in the upper left hand corner of the blog. Come for the cool content, leave with a 5% discount :)

Check out the hip & zen pen!

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