Friday, September 16, 2005

Another recap of Hurricane Katrina relief sites

I thought I'd post again a more complete list of sites where you can donate money, supplies or even time to help with the relief effort. This is going to be a long-term project, so if you feel tapped out on cash, perhaps you can donate time or supplies, or vice versa:

Here are some good general aid organizations to donate to:
Red Cross
America's Second Harvest
Humane Society of the US

Here are some more targeted sites:

Craigs List for Katrina Relief: Donations, volunteerism, people and housing locators, even employment opps for ssurvivors.
Project Backpack: (Helping kids get ready for school with supplies, clothing, books etc.)
Hurrican Katrina Direct Relief: Two Moms across the country from one another helping organize direct relief to individuals and families.
Katrina People Finder
Hurricane Housing, a project of

Usually I read some heart-rending story online or see it on the news and it sends me over to the computer to donate. It's quite a haphazard thing. Perhaps a cool way to do it would be to make a monthly action item in my Palm (complete with alarm) for the next 6 months to help a different one of these organizations each month.

How do you decide when to give and to whom?

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