Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yi-Tan call info for this Monday

Like I said earlier this week, Yi-Tan is having us back to talk more BlogHer goodness.

This time the talk turns to MommyBloggers, Daddy Bloggers and male vs. female communications. And Lisa, Jory, Nancy White and I will be joined by two of our vibrant BlogHer MommyBloggers, Mindy Roberts and Jenn Satterwhite.

Personally I think MommyBlogging is the "chick lit" of blogging. As soon as you write about your kids you get this label attached to you...and isn't it meant to be marginalizing? Some MommyBloggers think so, while other say, "screw what it's mean to be...let's claim the title proudly!"

The official Yi-Tan Invite
Yi-Tan Tech Community Call #46 - BlogHer Afterthoughts, Part 2 - 1:30pm EDT, Monday August 15, 2005

This Monday, we'll focus on "Mommyblogging," a term some moms who blog find demeaning and others have adopted wholeheartedly (see our page on Monikers That Flipped and add your own). To cover Mommyblogging and the places it takes us, two new guests - Jenn Satterwhite and Mindy Roberts will join last week's guests, Elisa Camahort, Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and Nancy White. I'll be back moderating. Together, we'll ponder:

-Is Mommyblogging a fad, a tiny niche in the blogosphere or something bigger?
-What does it mean for the future of marketing?
-What does all this say about the man/woman divide? Is there one? If so, what does it do to markets? to conversations? to decisions?

And yes, there are Daddybloggers.

An IRC Chat will be available during the call, here.

Date: Monday, August 15, 2005
Time: 10:30 PDT, 1:30 EDT
Primary Dial-in Number:
1-800-615-2900 (Toll Free in USA and Canada)
1-661-705-2005 (for callers outside the USA and Canada)

Participant Access Code: 778778

Wiki goodness at

Please feel free to forward this note to people you think would be interested in these calls.

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