Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When is someone a little too attached to their garbage can?

When they include it in their standard tour of our house when new visitors come over.

Yes, that's my S.O. and his relationship to our garbage can:

He loves this garbage can. I always want to quote Janeane Garafalo in "The Truth About Cats & Dogs" and say, "Love your garbage can; just don't love your garbage can." He shows it to people. He steps on the pedal and invites them to "ooh" and "ahh" as the lid slowly returns to place.

So, why bring this up? Because Steve Rubel has pointed me to a corporate blog even my S.O. could love: the simplyhuman blog, brought to you by the makers of the garbage can my S.O. loves.

The blog is lovely to look at, and actually seems intent on providing useful bits of information. I like it. I think I'll even subscribe to it.

So, my S.O. may love the garbage can for its sleek appearance and cool moves. I love it for its mind.

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