Saturday, August 20, 2005

Site of the Week: hip & zen online store

So you might call this sucking up to a new potential client, but I call it serendipity.

I've been speaking to the dynamic owner of hip & zen. She has a story to tell that's not so different than mine. She was deep in the valley life and just up and left. Spent some time deciding what she wanted to do, and came up with something completely different.

hip & zen is a store for those that think that doing good does not preclude living beautifully. Featuring products that look good, feel luxurious, and often are recycled, handmade, organic or all of the above, hip & zen has an aesthetic I totally love, with an ethos I can get behind.

And the store features many vegan handbags! Let's just say I would love this shop even if we weren't talking shop.

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