Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Outing plagiarism

Yes, it was a bit of a thrill to be quoted front and center on the Chron on Saturday.

My brother alerted me with his usual understatement, in an email that its entirety mind you..."I assume you know you're on the front page of the Chronicle this morning?" End of email.

Um, no. Thanks for the deets, bro.

Anyway, following all the post-BlogHer buzz has alerted me to the fact that it's not just lazy bloggers using RSS aggregation to basically "steal" content based on dubious keyword relevancy. No lazy blogger can steal form the big boys too.

I mentioned it to JD Lasica and Evelyn Rodriguez Sunday night, sent them two links to illustrate my point on Monday morning, and before I could say "boo", JD was outing them. Phrase used first here.

Don't cry for them, Argentina. I believe both are probably old enough to know better!

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