Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just a teensy bit of arrogance at work here

Mark Cuban is mad about splogs (spam blogs), and he thinks the answer is to threaten to stop indexing Blogger-based blogs over at Ice Rocket, the blog "search tool" he owns. And yes I put that in quotes because despite much trumpeting, I find Ice Rocket even worse about capturing reliable linking data than Technorati!

Gosh, wasn't it last week that a survey came out showing that Blogger-based blogs are not only among the most numerous, but also that they get the most traffic?

I guess people keep visiting all those splogs that have completely overrun Blogger making it worthless to index? Is that the conclusion to be drawn then? If it is, then I guess blogvangelists better stop using that stupid "more people visit blogspot.com than NYTimes.com" metric they like to toss around to validate the blogosphere. Come to think of it, they should stop using that anyway, but I digress.

I know it's Cuban's M.O. to be brash. But this is just arrogant and stupid. Find another way to fix it guys. And yes, Google should be ashamed that they've done so little to improve the tool they purchased. Agreed.

But you're really not threatening Google here. You're threatening a bunch of bloggers, big and small. And they have no control over this problem.

I am pretty sure it wasn't Mark's intent to threaten anyone. I think he was trying to make the point that we might accidentally block some legitimate blogs along the way as we try to remove spam blogs from our index.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions.

Blake Rhodes
OK, perhaps "threaten" is a strong word :) Perhaps he was trying to "warn" us.
I believe "spam that pollutes the blogosphere" should be referred to as "SMOG"....

Jim Parham (Swing Trader/Creative Thinker)
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So if blogspot.com domains is banned, even Google official blogs like insideadsense get banned.

Ignoring the largest Blog service provider is not a good option, especially if it happens to be Google; but there are other ways to fight Splogging, see here.
I think we just need to realize not everyone is a "good willed" blogger. I recently created Splog Reporter for "good willed" bloggers to report any splogs they come across. Check it out here: http://www.splogreporter.com and help rid the blogosphere of splog. one splog at a time.
It's just like everything else. The bad apples ruin it for legitimate people. Email marketing is pretty much being ruined because no matter how air tight your double opt-in, no matter how much your list may have signed on and be eager to get an email from you...a large portion just never get through because of overzealous anti-spam tactics.

Blogs have been touted a viable alternative. But comment and trackback spam, in addition to splogs, are finding a way to ruin that too.

Perhaps we need to eradicate the source: people who actually buy stuff from spam!!
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