Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I've been remiss, but here is my first BlogHer story

I don't know how Jory did it: how did she, while on a trip to Boston no less, already write a wonderful, lengthy post about BlogHer? Don't tell me it's cause she had a 6-hour flight. I stopped even taking my laptop out on flights it was so annoying to try to work in Coach. (hmmm, did she fly business class? A-Hah!)

I still can't crystallize my thoughts on BlogHer. I've commented on a few other people's posts over on my personal blog. But haven't generated much in the way of pith or depth or any other 'th.'

BUt here is one story from the day that stuck with me, which I posted over at my 42nd St. Moon blog. Read it and you will see why.

When you do get started on those reflections...

I'd like to know one thing that really surprised you.

One case of: "I felt I knew it all along, and damn I right."
I think you might start a new "meme" with those two questions, Jay. And god knows I hate the word "meme."

All I can say is that I will bear them in mind as I think about the conference and what to write.
Business Class? Please.
Well, you know, you've been traveling a lot...what about frequent flier miles...they're meant to be used, chica!
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