Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm ready to GoogleTalk...who's game?

So, big shock, Google is introducing GoogleTalk, an IM client that also supports voice.

If you use iChat on the Mac, as I do, you can operate GoogleTalk via the Jabber client that comes with iChat.

Google provides easy instructions for a range of clients that can support this here.

Now, I just need someone to talk to.

There my Jabber client sits...open, connected, ready, waiting. I just don't know who to add to my buddy list. I don't know people by their gmail addresses. That's what I gotta do, right?

Anybody out there?

sure, just post your gmail acc and I'll add you
Well, GTalk has been broken on iChat for the last week, so I've given up on it. Google hates Mac users.
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