Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogger Wanted: Cheap & Easy

A friend recently sent me this Craig's List job posting: Blogger Wanted. She naturally figured I'd know someone who would be interested.

I might, but upon reviewing the description I'm not so sure I want to propagate such a job.

What's that? how can I say such a thing, professional blogger that I am?

Well, this one sounds like the kind of professional job I don't want to take on. See this company is seeking "creative web surfers/bloggers to help spread the word throughout various discussion forums about our innovative gadgets." And what I want to know is: are these creative folks going to be allowed, nay, encouraged, to mention their affiliation with the company who has hired them?

If the answer is "yes", then OK I can deal with that. In fact I perform similar functions for my clients. But if the answer is "no", as I suspect it might be, then let me give you a heads-up. You will be found out. And you will be flamed big time when you are. And I would not risk my reputation in that way.

Just my $.02.

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