Friday, July 22, 2005

White Paper: To Blog or Not to Blog?

BlogHer Advisory Board member Jeneane Sessum has posted a magnum opus, a white paper entitled: To Blog or Not to Blog: Blogs Help Corporations Answer the Call to Conversation.

Disclaimer: 1) Jeneane is, as mentioned our BlogHer's board and 2) She lists this very blog as a one of the "Other Blogs You Should Know About".

This was actually a surprise to me. Partner Lisa Stone forwarded Jory and me the link just because it's such a comprehensive look at a space we're immersed in right now, and written by our enthusiastic Board member.

And I guess Jeneane can now feel confident that I actually read the whole thing, since my blog is listed on the penultimate page!

The White Paper is an excellent concise overview of business blogging...focusing more heavily on the Dos than the Don'ts which I think is appropriate. Why do I think so? Because the Don'ts of blogging are the same, mostly, as business Don'ts to begin with: don't lie; don't ignore customer problems; don' get the point. Those things aren't good in a non-blogging environment either.

I know there are a ton of us business blogvangelists out there extolling the benefits of business blogging. Most of us are doing it via presentations and seminars. And that's a great one-to-some larger number way of getting the word out there. Still this white paper can reach out even further, and any blogvangelist worth their salt wants to spread the word as far as possible, right? Right.

And on just a closing note: This week I debated with a most reputable, intelligent gentleman who just couldn't understand the point of BlogHer.

I kept saying that amongst all its other fine goals, such as education and community, one of our three primary goals is exposure. That we BlogHers simply wanted a place to be exposed to other bloggers and to get that our exposure ourselves.

I have no idea if Jeneane knew about Worker Bees before joining our Board. Maybe so. But I tend to think that through working on BlogHer a great big crowd of women (and some men too) were exposed to each other's work...and through that exposure have found new things to draw on, reference, point to, and feature.

That's BlogHer in action. And the rest of the world gets a kick-ass explanation of why they should get in on the same kind of action!

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