Friday, July 29, 2005

Wanna know why I read blogs? A brief example.

For little tidbits like this.

The Merc's theatre critic has written a pithy post on her first theatre experience and how it sucked her in and fueled an eventual dream to become a theatre critic.

It's a nice, and short, little blurb...probably too short to ever make it into print.

So, why post it at all:

Because suddenly their theatre critic is human. And suddenly you're reminded that critics review things hoping to love them, not hoping to find new ways to say "it sucked" in their thesaurus.

And that, my friend, increases her credibility right there.

'nuff said.

Hey there! Thanks for the props on my theater blog. I am very new to the blogosphere and really appreciate you spreading the word :)

Karen D'Souza
San Jose Mercury News, Theatre Critic
American Theatre Critics Association, Executive Committee
That's what we're here for :)
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