Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Silly cable customer for you!

I've ranted about this before. Unable to resist ribbing my former industry I continue to be amused when I see each additional story about how this or that cable company practically begs a customer to just walk away.

The latest person liberating themselves from cable is Shelley Powers.

It's interesting because it's the first Charter Communications story of this kind I've read. This policy of charging cable customers who decide to cancel the video portion of their services and just keep the data more for that data than they were previously paying is a favorite of Comcast's. This is the policy that drove my parents to DSL.

There is no additional cost to Charter to let Shelley keep her data going. It travels over the very same wire, that wire that they're obviously not going to come rip from her house. .

I've said it before; I'll say it again: sure, go ahead, entice non-customers to your services with bundled pricing. But when you penalize existing customers for unbundling, in this day and age when they may actually have a choice, they will simply walk away.

You are a monopoly no more cable guys, when will you realize it?

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