Saturday, July 09, 2005

Shai Coggins posts some pretty good rules of thumb

I'm not one to advocate the need for global, universal blogging guidelines. I think PR blogs should adhere to the ethics that the PR industry adheres to, and journalistic blogs should adhere to journalistic get the idea.

But if I had to sign off on 10 Tips for basic blogging courtesy, I would sign off on Shai Coggins' list here.

The guidelines are pretty universally applicable, and are more about respect, fairness, plain old socially acceptable and polite behavior, rather than imposing some idea of what the blogosphere should be on everyone.

It's sort of like that book, Everything I Know I learned in Kindergarten...but for the Internet:

Don't spam.

Give proper attribution.

Correct and update incorrect information.

So on and so forth.

Who can argue with that?

You'll be surprised with some of the arguments. ;-)
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