Monday, July 25, 2005

Pheedo's BlogHer Ad Network

If you look to the top of my right-hand side bar you'll see an addition, space to sell ads served by RSS/Blog ad company Pheedo.

And you'll see something else, a message that says: Portion of Proceeds benefit BlogHer.

When I approached Pheedo CMO Bill Flitter about sponsoring BlogHer, I had something fairly traditional in sponsor something, we'll give you varying levels of presence on our site and at the conference.

Bill thought a little bigger. He thought that there was a way Pheedo could support BlogHer in an ongoing manner, while providing advertisers with a really attractive opportunity to: the Pheedo BlogHer Ad Network.

Here's how it works: the blogger decides to support ads in his or her blog and/or RSS feed. The blogger still gets the bulk of the ad revenues that come in, just like they do if they signed up as an individual.

But now Pheedo splits its revenues with the BlogHer organization. Pheedo is willing to take this chunk out of its revenues not only because they're stepping up and supporting the BlogHer Mission in a tangible way, but also because they believe that an ad network of BlogHers would represent a really attractive opportunity for advertisers hoping to reach a key demographic...that would be the people who read women's blogs.

I thought it was pretty brilliant myself. I had yet to run ads on any of my blogs except my sponsored blog, but it was not because of some moral objection, it was more from inertia and not knowing how to get started.

So that's the story of the new billboard for sale in the upper right hand corner of my blog. My next post will go over some the interface of getting it started, which may be instructive for any BlogHers that go over here to sign up.

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