Sunday, July 24, 2005

One thing Blogger does better than the rest

It tells you if you've screwed up an html tag.

I'll admit that since I've started working with other tools like Typepad and iBlog for blogging, I wouldn't necessarily turn to Blogger again for a new blog. I think of it as a great beginner's tool, but one that doesn't grow well with a blogger. I also don't appreciate that their WYSIWYG tool doesn't work for Mac users.

That being said, the one thing that Blogger does that is a big time-saver for even the experienced blogger with fast alerts you when you try to publish a post with a broken html tag.

On my other blogs, and on my friends' blogs I can't remember how many times you go to look at the blog and find italics that extend through three posts, or a link that seems to take over a post, while paragraphs of text seem to have disappeared.

The culprit is almost always a broken html tag, easy mistakes to make when you're on a creative roll and your fingers are flying furiously across your keyboard.

I don't know why Typepad can't give you the same friendly assistance as Blogger in this regard. It would be a better tool if it did.

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