Friday, July 01, 2005

Hmmm...From Blogs to Books?

Welcome to The Friday Project, basically a publisher that promises to troll the web to find their authors.

Although the hyperbole would certainly lead you to believe they had if nothing else, reinvented the wheel, but perhaps even the car engine that runs on water.

"New publishing house promises to unlock the web’s creative talent "

"Key to the company’s success will be its ability to combine the creativity and dynamism of the Internet with the authority and flexibility of print."

I certainly hope the project delivers on its promise. And I also hope that bloggers remember one thing: no one is coming to you with a business proposition because you're doing what you love. If someone comes to you with a business proposition you do not need to be grateful, you need to be aware of your own value and talent. They are coming to you because they hope you can make money for them.

Just make sure you get your fair share of the deal, that's all.

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