Saturday, July 02, 2005

Business blogs and comment spam

Hey, look, I know comment spam is a terrible scourge, and gosh darn it why can't all the blog application providers out there make it go away.

You know like the email providers have? Oh, wait a minute...yeah even they, who've had years to work on it, can't make it magically go away.

But here's my opinion: if you have a blog, specifically one that's meant to be a part of your business and reflect your business...then suck it up and spend whatever annoying amount of time you have to to get rid of your comment spam.

If I visit your blog and you don't care enough about your readers (and existing and potential customers) to get rid of the spam in your comments section, then that tells me something about, well let's be blunt: your attention to detail, your customer-service attitude, the level of care you devote to your business.

Yes, I agree, removing it within minutes isn't always feasible. Sometimes even hours could understandably go by.

But you know who you are out there: the people who never bother. The people who leave it there for days. The people who give up on posts older than a couple of weeks.

Well, I find a lot of blogs via Google searched on specific topics of interest...and yes, as hard as it may be to believe...I may not actually follow your blog yet. I may find it, and an old post on it, via a search, and yes, the post might be a few weeks old. If I see a slew of Texas Hold 'em and cialis comments, well, it tells me something. And it means I probably won't start to follow your blog.

Yes, I'm cranky because I just spent some time this morning purging comment spam from my political blog. (Which is the only blog I write on Movable Type and is the only blog I write that does get plagued with comment spam...very annoying.) BUt if I can do it this fine Saturday morning. Then you can find a way to do it sometime too.

well i dont know what i would do without google... maybe use yahoo hehe :P
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