Thursday, June 16, 2005

UPDATED: The latest Worker Bees Theatre Discount: The Tribute to Frank, Sammy, Joey & Dean

UPDATED: The 40% discount is only good through the JUly 24th performance, not for the entire run as previously reported.
The Ratpack lives and is coming to San Francisco this summer!

This show has been a big ol' hit in Las Vegas and is trying its hand at San Francisco.

Sounds like the perfect fit for either a) those people who are nostalgic for the Ratpack era because they lived during it or b) those people who are nostalgic for it because they loved the movie Swingers or c) those people who are into the whole retro lounge hipster scene.

You can check out a bunch of pictures from the show here.

You can check out the show's official web site here.

But most importantly, you can get 40% off every single ticket for every single performance through July 24th by using the promotion code "RATPACK" on the phone at 415-771-6900 or online at TicketMaster.

The show starts previews July 7th, opens July 12th and is set to run through July 31st at the Post Street Theatre. I just saw Here Lies Jenny there (still running through the 26th of this month.) It's a great space.

So be hip, be cool, a ring-a-ding-ding, check out Tribute (and get 40% off...that's a big one!)

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