Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blog Roll Clean Up

You'll notice my blog roll has grown a bit. I figured it was about time to add some links to bloggers that a) I read all the time and b) who read me!

Although my blog roll over at my Personal Blog is a little more diverse in genre, over here at Worker Bees I stick pretty much to Marketing, PR, Customer Relationship blogs (with a little bit of theatre thrown in.)

And yes, I link to more political blogs over at my political blog and to MedBlogs over at my MedBlog.

Does this seem silly to anyone?

I think it's fair to assume that there are some readers who read my blogs for me (like my family for example) but that there are just as many who read only some of my blogs because they care about the content in a particular one. And based on that assumption, I don't want a big, long blog roll linking to every single blog I find interesting or follow in each of my six blogs.

That's my philosophy, and I'm sticking to it, even though I suppose I'm depriving my blog pals of a teeny bit of link love with that practice. But I have to practice what I preach and forego the cheap ways to increase readership...and stick to organic growth.

So check out the new, improved blog roll on the right. I personally guarantee that each of those is a relevant read.

Elisa-- I wrote last December that I felt that bloglines was a superior way or organize one's blogroll. And ultimately, it could serve transparently to indicate what RSS feeds a person is actually reading.

Civilities does not have a blogroll at all, and no one has really complained about it-- and it spares me the link-barter business.
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