Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Man, I'm busy

Can I just ask why this social media/Internet space seems to have so many events? Networking dinners, speakers, mini-conferences, seminars, webinars, presentations, book readings. You could seriously go to an event every night of the Elle's full calendar attests.

Last night it was a pre-pre-SuperNova dinner up in SF, which was packed with just the perfect number of people for the restaurant chosen.

What I love about this industry is that it's actually quite broad...everyone may be playing in the same Internet space, but the directions they're pursuing; the ideas they're fomenting; the applications they're developing; the services they're enabling...those run the gamut.

And it is, compared to every industry I've been in before (and this counts as my 6th as I see it) this is the most open.

We may bitch and whine about the A-List or about the MSM's fixation with a limited view of the blog community, or the lack of need for one more award nomination effort, but the truth is if you go to one of these events you are as likely to speak to a CEO as a VC as a developer as a PR person as a mini-celebrity. I do believe this crowd really believes that any person in the room could have the next fascinating idea.

Many of the BlogHer Team and Advisory Board members were there, and it was great to meet some of them face to face for the first time. Although as Charlene Li said, we felt like we should hug as though we were old friends! Actually Charlene had a good recap of last night's event here.

So why am I being, as Andy Lark might complain, a self-referential jerk talking about who I hung out with last night?

Two reasons:

1. Because there's no reasons other industries couldn't emulate the best parts of this industry. Open yourself up; level the playing field; take the newbie as seriously as the old least for 10 minutes.

2. Because if you're lucky enough to be able to expose yourself to such intellectually stimulating evening...bring someone with you, preferably someone young who needs to see education and learning in action.

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