Sunday, May 08, 2005

Awww...cute little Mother's Day promotion from TiVo

TiVo gives new TiVo to every new mother at nation's busiest maternity ward, all Mother's Day weekend long.

Completely cheesy. Little relevance between product and promotion (I mean, giving them a TiVo just when they're likely to have less time to watch TV? Obvious ploy for PR.

And yet. And yet. Look at this picture. I have that little plush TiVo sitting on my TV myself. Who can resist plush TiVo and newborn baby? You cannot deny the dynamic duo's power!

Adding free software for "mother day applications" attracks readers. The reason why I mention in my mother day blog a freeware application called "Photo Cube Maker". This allows you to make a unique customized Photo Cube with your own pictures (of your mother, family, yourself, ...).
You can check it out at **Free Photo Cube Maker**

I wish you all the luck with this application.
Kindly regards,

rogel dias
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