Friday, April 15, 2005

Why I Need to Attend a BlogHer Technology Training

Check out how cool All About George is with his BlogHer itinerary blurb in his right-hand side bar, logo and all.

I get jealous when I see bloggers who manage to personalize their blog...not just with content, but with design and layout.

I'm sure if I spent some quality time I could figure this out. I'm sure to lots of bloggers that would take 2 seconds.

I need one of the BlogHer technology sessions, as you can see.

Who are you most wonderful bloggerinas? Coordinating a conference for Us? Who art thou?

I heard about BlogHer word of mouth, rather email to email. And here I am, prowling around getting the facts.

Thanks for creating the BlogHer venue. I will be there.
Oh, good! I'm so excited that a) you heard about it through word of mouth and that b) you plan to come.

The great thing actually is that we on the organizing team are just regular people...we're not A-listers; we're not famous; we're people who saw a need first for ourselves, and then for everyone we sanity-checked the idea with and decided, 'What the hell, let's do it!'

(Had I but known the effort involved!!!!)

Look forward to meeting you!
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