Saturday, April 09, 2005

This Week's Site of the Week: A Shameless Plug

Here's a reminder: I'm speaking on a panel this Wednesday evening for the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Marketing Association (SVAMA.)

The panel is: Everything You Pretend to Know About Technology...and Hope No One Asks!

And of course my topic is Blogging and RSS. This is a variation/combination of the presentations I've given before to the CSix Marketing SIG, the EBIG Blogging SIG and the Stanford Digital Vision Fellowship. It's sort of a speed-thru of what and why. No easy feat in 10 slides/20 minutes!

in addition to the panel I had fun this morning creating a little quiz for participants pre-panel. It's a multiple-choice quiz on 20 technology terms they might want to know. For some questions I threw in at least one obviously incorrect answer, and for some I created three answers that sounded reasonable. This was especially fun for the acronyms: you come up with two alternate, believable alternative definitions of WYSIWYG!

And no, I can't post the two alternates I came up with until after the panel.

BTW: I have 2 free passes for the event, only one of which is semi-spoken for, so if you're interested, let me know.

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