Thursday, April 21, 2005

My SVAMA Gig Last week: full house, lots of bloggy interest

I never recapped how my speaking gig on Blogging went last week. This was for the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Marketing Association.

They're in the middle of a membership drive, so it was a pretty full house, and initial feedback from the program organizer indicated that they felt it was one of their more successful events yet.

The big bummer was that they didn't use my Technology buzz word quiz!!! The volunteer who was supposed to handle it couldn't come, and they couldn't find a replacement. So sad. Especially because one of the other speakers used the term "grok" and everything!

Anyway, the other two speakers were both in the mobility space, and the truth is that enterprise applications for the kind of mobility tools they were discussing aren't really sussed out yet. Hence the other two guys were focused on B2C or consumer-based applications, while blogging really does have applications for both B2C and B2B. Seemed like a lot of the audience were high tech marketers focused on non-consumer products, so very receptive.

I've already had some fruitful follow-up conversations with a couple of the attendees, so my blogvangelism is going quite well, thank you.

Oh, and I got to meet blogger Wag from Zoe's Tales, who credits me and fellow BlogHer organizer Jory des Jardins for inspiring her to blog.

So it was an evening well worth it.

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