Friday, April 29, 2005

Latest Worker Bees Theatre Discount: Bebe Neuwirth in "Here Lies Jenny"

OK, this is pretty cool, because I knew Bebe Neuwirth's work long before you met her as Lilith Crane in Cheers. I saw her Tony-wining performance in the Sweet Charity revival back in the 80s. And I also saw her smashing work as Velma in the original cast of the current revival of Chicago.

She is hot...and so, so talented.

Now she's bringing her show exploring the work of Kurt Weill, Here Lies Jenny to the stage at the Post Street Theatre.

And you can get $10 off all tickets for Tues.-Thurs. performance. The show only runs a few weeks, opening this you better hop to it. More info here.

I mean, look at her:

Don't you want to see her live, in person and up close?

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