Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yeah Baby! Shel Holtz Nails It!

Marketer, blogger, podcaster, author Shel Holtz hits the nail on the head in this post about evolving media tools and appropriately skewers the concept that blogs "kill" anything.

I've posted about this often. I cover this is presentations I give on the blogging topic. I've even argued the point during post-conference cocktail hours and been nearly bitch-slapped by prominent blog personalities for what was seen as a contrarian view that blogs might not be quite past the "tipping point."

I love Shel's point that print still exists; radio still exists; faxes still exist; magazines still exist; TV still exists etc. Hell, you can add on to that: libraries still exist; bookstores still exist; landlines still exist. Lots of things that were predicted to die out, from a communications/information point of view, didn't.

This reminds me of something I learned from a schoolteacher friend of mine years ago: people learn in different ways. Some are visual learners...they learn by seeing or reading. Some are auditory learners...they learn by hearing. And some are kinesthetic learners...they learn by doing or experiencing.

Given that lack of uniformity in how humans best process information, how can we expect that only one way of communicating information to humans will survive?

All I continue to say is: let's not get carried away and forget the fundamentals of marketing: the point is to meet a market's needs and create the message that will let the market know that need is being met. That message may come in many forms, and it depends on how your customer wants to receive that message, not how you think they should receive it.

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