Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Worker Bees and Bloghercon mentioned on CNN

Quite thrilled to learn via Elayne Riggs' blog yesterday that Bloghercon, Lisa Stone and I were all mentioned in the 3/15 "Inside the Blogs" segment on Judy Woodruff's show on CNN.

While I might wish they had mentioned my surname, or spelled my first name correctly in the transcript, I do appreciate that they pulled out an absolutely correct takeaway on what we want to do: "come together, network and brain storm about blogging." (I'd thrown in a bit about education too, but that is a quibble.)

Transcript is here. The blog segment is at the very end of the transcript.

Lord, I hate CNN, but that said, woohoo! They got your name wrong, but not for long!

I wrote my response re: Bloghercon to Lisa Stone. Fantastic. I'm so glad you two are pulling this together. I look forward to reading more from you and getting us linked, educated, and more.

I know there will be overwhelming interest in this.


We've been in quiet mode, but we are definitely busy...nailing down the location and date, even pulling together our dream agenda. It's going to rock.
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