Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What you cannot say in Email...unfortunate argument for blog promotion

Thanks to Sarah Eaton, I found this pithy rant about email spam filters.

The point is that there are words, not even dirty words, not even words like viagra and cialis and enlargement (God forbid you run a photography lab) that will stop your email cold at the major ISPs and mail providers. If SBC doesn't catch it, Hotmail will, guys.

And they will catch these words (and your email) even though you've got the most solid double opt-in permissions-based mails going out. Doesn't seem fair. It's really not fair. But the fact is that the bad apples have spoiled the whole bunch, dear.

NOw, I've been a big opponent of wild, sweeping claims that email is dead, email newsletters are dead etc. I don't believe RSS, nor blogs, are in the position of completely replacing tried and true methods of marketing quite yet. RSS adoption and blog reading lag far behind the simple stat of who's got email.

BUt if things continue as they are, and there's no reason to imagine otherwise, then you can bet that email as a marketing method or even as a customer communication tool will go the way of the dinosaurs.

It is becoming too unreliable.

It is taking too much time with your thesaurus to get around the increasing number of no-no words.

It will be, long-term, inefficient.

So, get your feet wet with blogging and RSS now...because if you wait until it is the de facto email replacement tool, you'll be playing catch-up.

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