Friday, March 04, 2005

This Week's Site of the Week: High-end Search

What could "high-end" search possibly be?

Well, check out this week's Site of the Week,, and wou will find out.

It's a human edited, visually-oriented search engine that purports to bring you only the best of the best within particular genres. It's not trying to be information-oriented, but rather commerce-oriented. Where to find the best furniture stores, the best art photography etc. etc.

I was fairly skeptical when I met the founder of Ahop2 on Tuesday evening. I have a new appreciation for the site after playing with it for a while today. And the potential to keep honing their results and adding new categories and improving the experience seems limitless. This might be the place you go when you want to buy something really perfect, not just cheap.

Check it out

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