Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This week's Metro Santa Cruz column

On the real sacrifice of going vegetarian: no leather shoes.

"Worker Bees is a firm dedicated to helping small business, arts and other non-profit organizations leverage the economic, creative online world to generate buzz and spread "word-of-keyboard" about their activities. This blog records our day-to-day thoughts on or activities in our business"

How is this different than setting up a spam company?

You sound like you majored in women's studies.

Well, I'm not sure why you think blogging is spam, since it's completely someone's choice to read or subscribe to a blog. And I'm not sure why you'd think search engine advertising is spam. Those are two of the primary marketing activities Worker Bees helps our clients with. Mostly I'm not sure why you think spam is somehow connected to women's studies :)

I think you're confusing the very concept of buzz marketing with some shady practices that some companies engage in, trying to hide behind the term buzz marketing.

Worker Bees doesn't do that. So that's how it's different.

Or do I misunderstand, and you've read my blog, and are familiar with my very above-board business practices, and so are offering, our of kindness, a recommendation to alter my blog description based on your opinion that it gives the wrong impression?
just wanted you to make your case.

trying to push your buttons :)

did you ever take womens studies?
Actually, no I didn't.
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