Thursday, March 17, 2005

Some concrete ways for an enterprise to use RSS

Elizabeth Albrycht has a nice list of 10 ways an enterprise can use RSS to communicate effectively with their customers, partners, industry press and more.

But here is my beef with all RSS-touting posts these days...they're making lots of assumptions about their audience's familiarity with the technology. Here's my familiarity (because remember, I'm not a techno-geek guru...I'm that bridge between the offline marketing folks and the online techno-geek guru world):

On all of my blogs I have the option to make a feed public and accessible (or even private, but accessible to whomever I choose.) So, looking at Elizabeth's fine list I find myself I need a separate blog for each of these uses? And the answer is 'probably yes'. Although, from what I'm told, you could do your own fooling around with html and scripts and achieve the same goal, it would be reinventing the blog application wheel.

It would just be nice if people could think of the less technically inclined in such posts and make the process a little clearer. Maybe they realize that RSS feed is nearly synonymous with blog, unless you have a web person who's willing to get fancy, but for the rest of us it sounds a bit like you wave a wand and say "RSS feed - activate!"

Just a tiny quibble. But I liked the post content very much :)

Elisa--I just wrote an article that tells you how to get RSS feeds on your website for Bulldog Reporter. Once is is published, I'll let you know!
Sounds awesome...I will look forward to it!
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