Tuesday, March 22, 2005

One really angry customer

I direct you to an old post on this blog about Earthlink starting a blog. (It's old in INternet years, since it is from all the way back in January.)

Check out the comments.

Check out one very pissed off customer who if finding anyone talking on the web about Earthlink and trying to have her say.

This person found my post by doing a Google search on 'comments about Earthlink.' This blog post was on about page 3 of the results.

Now, I don't have the time or inclination to go to other hits on that search and see if she made similar ranting comments on other sites. I'm just saying it seems she's quite motivated to get her complaint heard by anyone and everyone. And the Internet is very helpful for people who want to do that.

Now what if hit #1 on her search had been, in fact, that Earthlink blog, and what if unhappy customer felt she had a place to go where she could reach what seemed to be a living person? And why didn't that Earthlink blog show up in the search? Wel, that last question is easy: they started a blog but weren't sure about the concept. So they named the blog protectionblog.net. No Earthlink in the blog name, therefore no Earthlink in every post name, therefore no awesome search engine optimization. It's like they started a blog, but wanted to be able to disavow it.

I can't help Ms. Unhappy Customer. IN fact, she's helping me expose a cautionary tale to people who wonder why they should bother have an active, dynamic, proactive web presence...like, for example, a blog.

. . . Well, considering Earthlink's abysmal attitude, its sleazy business practices, and the damage its software does to customers' computers, not to mention Earthlink's propensity for running from its responsibilities, I say let the girl talk.

Enron, Martha Stewart and Charles Manson have got nothing on Earthlink.

EarthLink still sucks. I see complaints going back quite a few years. My nightmare is that EarthLink acquired my former ISP in an acquisition. I was told the pricing wouldn't change. I tried to drop a premium service on my account that was set up through my former ISP. Now those screwballs completely messed up my account. They claim I can only adopt inferior or more expensive EarthLink plans. There is no way, they claim, I can roll things back to the way my former ISP had them. There is no ear at EarthLink that will listen to me and work towards customer satisfaction. It's their way or no way. I opting for no way and shopping for another ISP. I'm deeply saddened that such an easy fix turned into a lost and uhappy customer. To the world I say look beyond EarthLink and find another ISP. P.S. If you are an honest, caring EarthLink employee and read this, I apologize that we didn't have a chance to connect and talk. I have only come across deaf, cold-hearted PR reps.
Earthlink sucks, and looks like it will suck, unless they would put customer satisfaction (by the virtue of miracle) before their highly economic interests. I've read a Datamonitor report 2005 for Earthlink, and guess what.. one of a few constituents of their monthly revenue is early termination fees. That's what they are charging me ($150) for their failure to provide a quality Internet Service. I'm going to file a complaint with Consumer Affair's Office In Atlanta, Ga., and highly urging all unsatisfied consumers do so.
Earthlink's business practices are unfair.
Earthlink charged my bank acct. for more than 10 months of a service I never asked for and does not want to refund my money!!!
As a formet earthlinker, i can tell you that its sr. management DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE. Their ability to be orginial on ANY service is dismal. Now they have talken money from the stock holders and create a Wifi group. Insiders of earthlink say that the company has such a high turnover rate, that as soon as the people are trained they leave.
They dont just suck! They legally are in a bind with us. They charged our credit card for services they never provided and then again charged our card over $600 with our consent. Isnt that illegal? Well the police think it is..and a report is there. Byon, CA Anyone have this to them. A team is stronger than one small business. Contact me for support. Karen Tosoni 925-339-0021 I am going to make EVERYONE I can hear my story..of the earthlink hell I call it.
Thank you all for taking the time to add your experiences to this blog. I was just about to sign up with Earthlink today, but I did an internet search for "Earthlink+blogs" and found this forum. You saved me from another Hell (I'm trying to leave Verizon). Anyone know of a good honest ISP?
My now deceased spouse was a costumer of mindspring (earthlink) and consequently i kept the account. For the tech support they give and their lack of care for their costumers, I have decided to shop for another server. I have dsl for a few years now and there is trouble with their line/modum often. Their cheap way to make money is to outsource their tech support. All of the level one technicians they employ are no better than trained monkeys reading from a "fix it book". I could not get a technician to come to my home and I have an open ticket but no one has bother to call back, etc.
I complete their surveys stating how bad their service is and it does not make a difference.

Disgusted in Virginia
I have made a forum where people can sign up and talk about other isp's ect.... your all welcome to join me there and help others aviod the mistake you and I both made once by getting earthlink. The url is http://www.earthinksux.com

Hope to see you all there!
I have had no email for 12/24 & still today 12/25 . I sell on ebay under 4 names & have been out of business since, My 2 busiest days of the year. I call & all I get is someone in India that I can't understand. Earthlink Sucks & I'm going to cancel my service tomorrow.
Eartlink is still around amazingly
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