Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Great c|net Mention: One Point of Clarification

Welcome c|net readers.

I was not personally interviewed for the article. The c|net writer may have found info on me from profiles done of my business on both about.com and vault.com.

I appreciate the mention and the traffic.

I do feel I should make one point of clarification, though:

It is true that I have leveraged blogging to make a living. I leveraged the blog to land my column in the Metro. I do get paid to blog for some local theatre companies, including 42nd St. Moon and Foothill Music Theatre. I have other paid enterprise blogging gigs about to be launched as well.

The gig blogging for the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, however, is a volunteer gig. I am a political activist and have maintained that blog with professional standards, but volunteer compensation :)

Thanks for coming by. Feel free to browse around or visit any of my other Worker Bees blogs listed in the side bar.

First of all, congrats on the mention! So glad to know that I'm the first to cover your blogging career. :) Now, I get to see your name mentioned in other blogs --- and publications. ;)

Anyway, yes, I did notice the discrepancy and was surprised to know that you were not interviewed for this directly. It's funny how information lifted off other people's work are:

1) Not "copied" correctly.
2) Not given reference to as a source. :p
I know what oyu mean, Shai. And it's not even the first time it's happened to you with the profile of me alone. Check out this earlier post:

So, if two people have already found that single article you wrote worthy of expanding upon, imagine how many other examples are out there!
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