Monday, March 21, 2005

David Duchovny Blogs?

I have as much skepticism as the next gal, but I surely do hope that Lions Gate Entertainment is starting the rather forward-looking practice of having their movie directors blog.

First out of the gate is David Duchovny, director of the upcoming House of D. And this is his blog.

They have comments, feeds, his latest post is an audio post, and they even provide links to Blogger to let you create a "fan blog."

Now, when you read this it seems clear to me that the first series of posts may have come from Duchovny's writings, but they were cleaned up by someone. All of the posts are perfectly punctuated and capitalized, and it's basically one long story of how he thought of the movie's main concepts, broken into smaller chunks and spread out over several days. I do this kind of thing all the time with info I've gotten from people over at 42nd St. Moon for thei blog. for example.

BUt I'm betting that somewhere along the line Duchovny got clued in to the comments he was getting, and I think he decided that he was going to post himself in real-time. The posts get longer, less careful, less neat and tidy, and they also start getting hundreds of comments. Think people sensed the change? I do. That's why Zach Braff also gets an amazing number of comments on his blog.

There are a couple of other director blogs, and supposedly more coming.

As a former X-Files fan and a Duchovny admirer, I'm kind of tickled he's got this blog going. I hope he keeps it going. And I hope it stays something that he feels connection to. In his own words:

"It's a real pleasure and opportunity to have this kind of communication directly."

I think he's getting that the benefits of blog go in both directions.

I just came across Duchovny's blog today and, like you, was a little sceptical of it. It is an interesting concept though, not unlike authors blogs such as Neil Gaiman's and others that I can't remember at the minute. Blatant promotion at its bet though.
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