Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogger comments down...and do I have to finally learn tagging?

Apparently, Blogger comments aren't working, although they don't seem to specifically know it yet. it's not just me everyone, when I try to leave comments on your fine blogs I can't either...same not found. Grrrr.

Nancy wants us to start tagging all our Bloghercon posts. I have thus far completely resisted tagging. It seems like the ultimate techno-geeky toy that is more work than it's worth.

But I suppose like the BOrg, resistance is futile. And don't think because I quote that I have any personal knowledge of what that meant on Star Trek. See, I rub up against the land of techno-geek, enough to occasionally speak the language, but I've never quite made it to feeling like a native.

But here, in all its glory, is my first-ever tagging attempt:

Ah, comments seem to be working again. And bravo on the tagging. I was a tag skeptic until Northern Voice when it proved an amazing aggregation tool that worked easily and flexibly. It is the first base in extending a F2F event out into the cyber world as well. Hm. First base. Odd choice of words on my part. Blame it on lack of sleep.

You go girl! Keep on tagging!
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